Michel Dallaire Interview

FEATURES / September 29 2014 / The CDR

The Space Between East and West

FEATURES / September 9 2014 / The CDR and Mark Byrnes

Paul Rowan and Matt Carr Interview

FEATURES / September 2 2014 / The CDR

Nature as Wallpaper

FEATURES / September 1 2014 / Thomas J. Elpel


Louisa Dress
DIY Mail-order Shoe Making Kit
Jennifer Torosian Peach Angular Shirt with Dusk Blue Grid Skirt
Apple Tunic
Mimi Hammer Vintage Bathing Suit
Sorel Toronto Boots
Elain Ho Polyhedron Necklace
Valerie Dumaine Rachel Robe Dress
Jessica Jensen Executive Business Brief
Smythe Metalic Dinner Jacket
New York State Floral Rose Bracelet
Intelligentsia Brill Brew Coffee